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Welcome to the DV4Home2 (2nd edition) Wiki.

The DV4Home2 is an amateur radio for digital systems. It is based on a dual core ARM SOC, runs one Linux and supports several interfaces like USB, HDMI und Audio. For the digital communication it is supported by two AMBE 3000 Vocoders.

The system runs a Linux distribution called armbian. It is actively supported and well established in the community. All software needed for the digital amateur radio runs under a separate account on that Linux.

Currently the control of the unit is only supported by using a web based interface. The web interface can be accessed by the browser, that is already installed on the armbian desktop system. Only a HDMI monitor an a mouse is needed. As an alternative the web interface can be addressed by any device that carries a browser like a mobile phone, tablet or a normal PC. All current browsers are supported.

We are preparing the autonomous operation by just using the front panel controls and the microphones bush buttons.

These are the supported digital systems:

There are more systems to come, but they are in different states of either software development or license agreements.

More details:

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