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v1.21 - Bugfix Release


  • DMR+ / IPSC2 got TS1 / Talk-Groups support
  • Brandmeister support
  • XREF in D-Star working
  • Restore previous volume on startup
  • New audio stream handling reduces system load
  • D-Star additional call information display


  • Fixed multiple modules active.
  • Fixed very different volume settings per module
  • Fixed NXDN did not store last setting
  • Fixed some Fusion issues.
  • Fixed last call info shown if current call misses data
  • Fixed D-Star REF / XRF missing call display

Hint: If the upgrade procedure ends in the display only reading “script done” it is safe to power-cycle the unit to get the new firmware going.

v1.10 - Fusion / C4FM and NXDN Download


  • Fusion 7 C4FM added on VFO-A
  • NXDN added


  • HDMI now stays active even you disconnect a monitor.
  • Restart on last systems and reflectors used before power-down.
  • If the active VFO was switched to a different system, the mike was not connected and you need to double-press the VFO select button to get the mike working on the right VFO.
  • After boot, VFO-A is shown active, but the mike was active on VFO-B.

Known issues:

  • If one changes to a different system on VFO-A and then again to a different, the second system stays active in the background. So you may hear signals and voices from the system, but cannot talk to it. TO avoid that, disconnect from the current system through the control panel and then connect to any other system. There is no issue if you select just a different reflector number or reflector type inside the same system. Example: Change from DMR→4004 to DMR→4010 there is no problem. Change from DMR to NXDN and back to DMR, you may still hear NXDN in the background.

Older Versions

v1.00 - Factory-Image Download


  • This is the version installed at production.
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